✅ Quiz M5.01

✅ Quiz M5.01#


From the presentation given in the video, for which kind of supervised learning tasks decision trees can be applied to:

  • a) classification tasks

  • b) regression tasks

  • c) clustering tasks

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A given split node in a decision tree classifier makes:

  • a) a binary decision considering a single feature at a time

  • b) a binary decision considering a combination of all the input features

  • c) multiple binary decisions considering a single feature

  • d) a binary decision considering a non-linear combination of all input features

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Which aspect of the decision tree learning procedure is most typically used to control the underfitting/overfitting trade-off?

  • a) The number of children of a split node

  • b) The magnitude of the weight coefficients

  • c) The maximum depth of the decision tree

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