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✅ Quiz M4.02#


Let us consider a pipeline that combines a polynomial feature extraction of degree 2 and a linear regression model. Let us assume that the linear regression coefficients are all non-zero and that the dataset contains a single feature. Is the prediction function of this pipeline a straight line?

  • a) yes

  • b) no

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Fitting a linear regression where X has n_features columns and the target is a single continuous vector, what is the respective type/shape of coef_ and intercept_?

  • a) it is not possible to fit a linear regression in dimension higher than 2

  • b) array of shape (n_features,) and a float

  • c) array of shape (1, n_features) and an array of shape (1,)

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Combining (one or more) feature engineering transformers in a single pipeline:

  • a) increases the expressivity of the model

  • b) ensures that models extrapolate accurately regardless of the distribution of the data

  • c) may require tuning additional hyperparameters

  • d) inherently prevents any underfitting

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